Monday, 24 February 2014

28mm Empress Taliban

Guys, my first 28mm Taliban group for Skirmish Sangin. Dougie
From left to right, the leader with his cell phone, and Talibs with AK, RPK and RPG, some closer photos below.
The Leader
AK Guy
RPK Guy. I've left the bipod off, a common practise in theatre.


  1. wow great work on these. I have loads of them as well but i still have Brits and Aussies to paint before i even look at these.

  2. Thanks, they are nice to paint, I've also ordered some Eureka Talibs to pick up at Salute.

  3. Excellent tonal depth to the dish-dashes Dougie. Also some very nice shading on the RPG. These boys are set to cause problems if they get the drop on an ISAF patrol! One of my blokes has just brought me a new hat back from Afghan. Lovely and warm for the Brecon Beacons if I can avoid awkward questions from Dyfed Powys SB!

    1. lol, they'll not know what it is, me and the eldest are doing the PARA 10 again in August, he's also on about the Fan Dance which is now an option with proper organisation. Never been back to Brecon since I was in so it may be something to aim for. Thanks for the comments these boys will be in action at Salute on the Skirmish Sangin display game. Later, Dougie

  4. Excellent work Dougie! Puts mine to shame!

  5. Beautiful painting on some very nice figures...excellent work