Sunday, 30 March 2014

20mm Top Malo House Part 2

Well just about cracked it, some original windows and a door have been sealed, and the structure has been clad in wills finecast corrugated glazing SS MP 223, this is much thinner that their iron pack and its got the profile all the way through, easier to work with to! Building corners are finished with plastruct L profile and the windows are Wills as well. The door is simply balsa with the panel lines engraved with a pencil.
The roof is made the same way with some balsa endboards and plasticard ridgetiles, the chimney is once again Wills .
All that's left to do is attach the chimney and it'll be getting primed for painting, oh I've cut the base from 2mm MDF. Later, Dougie


  1. That certainly looks the part Dougie

    1. Cheers Pete, I'm off today and tomorrow so I'll hopefully get the structure finished and primed, maybe some paint on!