Sunday, 19 October 2014

28mm SAGA Normans Part 3

1 point of levy bowman. Dougie


  1. Hi I have to say absolutely fantastic paintwork! Green with envy. I have been trawling through your blog - very inspiring and one of the best out there. Quick question - where do you get your birch trees from. I have been looking for some for ages. Please don't tell me you make them yourself! cheers Dave

    1. Hi Dave thanks for the comments, if you mean the trees on the Afghan terrain they're from my local model railway shop, made by Bachmann, if these arn't the ones you mean let me know, I'll dig out the exact details for you if they are. Had a quick look at your blog, liking the fur steppe, very effective!

  2. Very nice! Prefer the modern stuff :)

  3. Cracking work. I love the fact you took the time to string the bows.