Monday, 20 October 2014

More 28mm Modern goodness from Empress

Those of you who visit here regularly know how much I rate the 28mm Modern Brit range from Empress and I'm using them for my Skirmish Sangin set up, well here's some of their latest offerings, a cracking mortar team and a useful pack containing a dog handler, a guy "Barmering", a light mortarman and a female medic, also more head packs including PARA berets with a particularly "Aley" tom sporting his cap badge over his left ear, perfect! The sculpter has obviously had correct references! All I really want for their Brit range now is a sharpshooter with the 7.62mm L129A1 and a sniper team with 12.7mm L121A1 Anti-Material rifle and his spotter with a laser rangefinder! Here's hoping! Dougie

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