Thursday, 25 June 2015

28mm Eureka Taliban Part 2

Got some work done on these guys, I followed my normal format and completed the bases before priming them black. You get a nice clean join where the figure meets the base, I know this isn't everyone's preference but if I want to add dirt/wear to boots and trousers/legwear I prefer to do this afterwards using washes and filters as opposed to painting the figure, drybrushing the base and getting the figures feet and legs covered in the earth colours.
After doing this I painted the flesh areas using my normal method and completed the hair. I was quite tempted to do one of those dyed ginger beards on one of the fighters but I wasn't sure as to the accuracy of this and whether its prevelant in Afghanistan. Anyone know?
With the Eureka figures the sculptor, Kosta Heristanidis, uses quite a nice tecnique for the eyes on his faces, basically 2 lids. This makes them easier to paint and you can leave off the joy of iris painting!

 The group as they are now, as I mentioned in previous posts there are a couple of Empress figures masquerading in this group, a kneeling sniper with Dragunov, he's skulking in the rear row and the ISIS salute guy. Now these have standard eyes so I've had to paint them in, this is never easy and takes practice to avoid the cross eyed or bug eyed look lol. As this group develops I'll pick 1 to illustrate the various stages!
A closer view of a Eureka Talib
ISIS salute guy, the eyes are quite difficult to see but I'm happy with them !


  1. love it i have done the same thing with warlords plastic brits with aks and balaclava heads

  2. i have done the same paint job on my isis

  3. Great work! Thanks for posting!