Saturday, 27 June 2015

Fighting Season CoC Patrol markers and Drop off points

Myself and a few of the members of my club, Whitley Bay 3D Gamers , are putting on a demo game at Border Reiver in Gateshead on Saturday 5th September. It'll be a 20mm Afghanistan game using the forthcoming "Fighting Season" adaptation of "Chain of Command" by Too Fat Lardies.
I'll be using my 20mm collection which is already illustrated on this blog, however I've had to look at some specific CoC items namely Patrol Markers and Jump-Off points.

I've decided to use discs for the Patrol markers and for the jump-off points appropriate vignettes based on a 40mm round base.

First up are the Taliban, I've done 4 Patrol Marker and 4 Jump-Off Points

Patrol Markers

Jump-Off Points

Some close ups of the jump off points I wanted to go for an Afghan themed look

The Farmer/Insurgent

The Pot Seller

The AK Cache

The RPG Cache

Next up will be the Coalition ones ;)


  1. Those are brilliant! Love the farmer. I've got some S&S weapons caches for Taliban JOPs myself, but am looking forward toseeing what you do for the coalition.

    1. Thanks James, the S&S stuff is nice, things in mind for the Coalition, The Patrol Markers are sorted ;)

  2. That's really cool...splendid work!

  3. Very nice! SImple but super effective!
    I hope to see them on battle report

  4. Beautifully done!!


  5. This is awesome, great job!