Saturday, 22 October 2016

More 20mm Falklands stuff

Recently received a nice package from Rolf Hedges at Liberation Miniatures with some of his latest 20mm Falklands stuff in. This included Argentine GPMG teams, prone and SF versions, and 2 further packs of Argentines, 1 with googles on helmets and 1 with the pile lined field cap to add a bit variety. British wise was a pack each of intantry, 1 with berets and 1 with cap comforter. Again to add variety to the units. Looking forward to painting up some samples! All Rolf needs to do Argentine wise now is a .50cal team and the Longdon scenarios are looking good !


  1. That's good news Dougie. Can't wait to see them painted:)

    1. Hi Reese, yup the figs look spot on should have a couple of the Brits up in the next few days.