Saturday, 11 July 2015

Fivecore Company Command - Falklands 10mm

A few photos of a recent run through of "Fivecore Company Command" using my 10mm Falklands collection. This is a cracking little system and plays well, we had a British Airborne Company of 3 platoons attacking a dug in Argentine position of platoon strength with support. I'll let the photos do the talking. If you're in the slightest bit interested in WW2 and modern regular company level engagements its worth a look! Dougie

How it started, British Company on the left in standard 2 up and 1 back platoon positioning, Alex choose not to position his command element in the middle as I would have but we'd have to wait and see the outcome. I commanded the Argentine Forces of a dug in platoon with .50cal support and Command element.

From the British side

Argentine defenders

The Brits come under effective fire with some pinning, time to get the Company Commander doing his thing

2 platoons in the stream bed putting rounds down!

The platoon forward in the stream tributary hit the .50cal pinning it, casualties have also hit the Argentine Infantry Platoon, they've lost a squad.

After recovering and gritting teeth the British platoon from the tributary close assaults the Argentine .50cal.

At the same time other Brit platoons get off their belt buckles and move forward!

The .50cal now neutralised the assault continues
 Endex the Argentine position taken by fire and close assault.

This is a clever system you've got to really play through it and have a copy of the rules but I was very impressed with the quickness and fairly accurate result. They are available as a download from the wargames vault for the princely sum of $5.99, an absolute bargain, here's the link
Fivecore Company Command

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Fighting Season CoC Patrol markers and Drop off points

Myself and a few of the members of my club, Whitley Bay 3D Gamers , are putting on a demo game at Border Reiver in Gateshead on Saturday 5th September. It'll be a 20mm Afghanistan game using the forthcoming "Fighting Season" adaptation of "Chain of Command" by Too Fat Lardies.
I'll be using my 20mm collection which is already illustrated on this blog, however I've had to look at some specific CoC items namely Patrol Markers and Jump-Off points.

I've decided to use discs for the Patrol markers and for the jump-off points appropriate vignettes based on a 40mm round base.

First up are the Taliban, I've done 4 Patrol Marker and 4 Jump-Off Points

Patrol Markers

Jump-Off Points

Some close ups of the jump off points I wanted to go for an Afghan themed look

The Farmer/Insurgent

The Pot Seller

The AK Cache

The RPG Cache

Next up will be the Coalition ones ;)

Thursday, 25 June 2015

28mm Eureka Taliban Part 2

Got some work done on these guys, I followed my normal format and completed the bases before priming them black. You get a nice clean join where the figure meets the base, I know this isn't everyone's preference but if I want to add dirt/wear to boots and trousers/legwear I prefer to do this afterwards using washes and filters as opposed to painting the figure, drybrushing the base and getting the figures feet and legs covered in the earth colours.
After doing this I painted the flesh areas using my normal method and completed the hair. I was quite tempted to do one of those dyed ginger beards on one of the fighters but I wasn't sure as to the accuracy of this and whether its prevelant in Afghanistan. Anyone know?
With the Eureka figures the sculptor, Kosta Heristanidis, uses quite a nice tecnique for the eyes on his faces, basically 2 lids. This makes them easier to paint and you can leave off the joy of iris painting!

 The group as they are now, as I mentioned in previous posts there are a couple of Empress figures masquerading in this group, a kneeling sniper with Dragunov, he's skulking in the rear row and the ISIS salute guy. Now these have standard eyes so I've had to paint them in, this is never easy and takes practice to avoid the cross eyed or bug eyed look lol. As this group develops I'll pick 1 to illustrate the various stages!
A closer view of a Eureka Talib
ISIS salute guy, the eyes are quite difficult to see but I'm happy with them !

28mm Union Surgeon Vignette

Just knocked this up for eBay, its the Foundry Union Surgeon Vignette sculpted by the Perry's when they were there. Here's the link to my eBay item. Dougie
Union Surgeon

Thursday, 18 June 2015

28mm Eureka Taliban Part 1

Work commenced on some 28mm Taliban/Afghan forces. They are all the very tidy Eureka castings with the exception of the big guy in the centre doing the ISIS salute, he's Empress from their Insurgent range, Pack INS04 Insurgent Characters, I saw him at York and couldn't resist him ! He'll make a good foreign fighter type. Following my usual procedure, figures cleaned and washed, attached to pennies, bases blended and the old reliable VMC 873 US Field Drab base colour painted on. Dougie

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Latest Books

I've recently read these 2 books written by Leigh Neville and both published by Osprey;
"The British Army in Afghanistan 2006-14" Elite205
"Special Forces in the War on Terror"

If you are in the slightest interested in this period these books are a must!
"The British Army in Afghanistan 2006-14" is a great place to start if your interest is in this period. Leigh gives a short introduction to Helmand then covers the war in 4 stages, 2006, 2007-2009, 2009-2011 and 2011-2014. This works well and he covers the operations in a logical order with some excellent first person accounts that he's obviously had access to. There's also an excellent section on Weapons and Equipment, which Leigh excels at and to top it off, its been illustrated by the very talented Peter Dennis. I can't recommend this book highly enough, buy it!
"Special Forces in the War on Terror" is also by Osprey, its a hardback coming in at 336 pages chock full of photos. Leigh has again broken this up into logical chapters covering most theatres post 9/11 with an obvious concentration on Iraq and Afghanistan. Again Leigh shows that he's got the right contacts and the detail and descriptions of engagements are excellent, once again I would thoroughly recommend this book!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Spectre Miniatures

I ended up backing the kickstarter for Spectre and the figures I got have been hiding in the painting room for a while. The rules are good as well, very cinematic quick and bloody, worth checking out if your into moderns and they're free from their website, the links below. Dougie
Spectre Miniatures
The first pack painted, "Militia Firing"