Tuesday, 22 January 2019

28mm Chechen Improvised Anti-Tank Vehicle

This is my answer to the massive amount of Russian armour my gaming oppo is producing for our Chechen War set up. VW Samba minibus crewed by fighter with RPG18 as well as RPG7s stowed out a side window for easy access, what can go wrong?
 Picked the Cararama diecast up for a very reasonable £8.49. Now they are overscale at 1/43 but I think we can get away with it.
 Unboxed, perfectly suitable to put straight on the table but I like to have a little tinker with them
 Screws out broken up into its constituent parts
 Added a driver, a cut up Redstar figure
 The canvas sunroof is moulded on and has to go
 cut out and the folded sunroof made from plastic strip and wine bottle foil.
 Interior painted
 I followed my usual painting system, primed the vehicle and added some wear and tear, chipping grime and streaking.
 The fighter was one of the Empress Chechens and the loose RPGs I found in my spares box, not sure from where.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

28mm Chechen Command element

Just about there with my Chechens, a 4 figure command/HQ element, Red Star figures gifted by a friend, first off a 2 figure base with the blokes refering to a map of central Grozny.

 Holding the Green Red and White

Sunday, 16 December 2018

28mm Chechen PKM Gunners

A gaming buddy, who's building the Russian forces for the Chechen War, gave me some Red Star Chechens that he didn't want, which came in handy for the PKM gunners. A prone pair and a couple of gunners to support my forces so far. Dougie

Friday, 7 December 2018

CoC 28mm German Infantry

My son has recently completed a 28mm late war US Airborne Platoon for Chain of Command using the new Empress late war Yanks. He bought me some of the matching German Volksgrenadiers which I 'll be using to make up the platoon. I decided to paint them as Waffen SS, now some of the figures, designed as Army troops, are wearing the hooded M1943 winter tunic which the SS didn't use, I've got round this by painting them as the SS reversible padded winter hooded jacket. I wanted a very late war ad-hoc look to the platoon and I've organised them with a single MG42 per squad.
Anyhoo here's the first squad painted my new quick method of blocking colours in then washing, not as detailed but much quicker ! Dougie

Friday, 30 November 2018

Another 10 Chechens

These figures finish off the Chechens from the first kickstarter. Dougie

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Next 8 Chechens

The next 8 Tiny Terrain Chechens from the 1st Kickstarter. Dougie

 Close up of a couple of the figures, looking at photos the Russians and Chechens sported numerous camo patterns, the dragunov guy has acquired a Russian motor rifle jacket.