Thursday, 9 June 2016

20mm Falklands Paras

I've been looking for some suitable 20mm figures to represent Airborne Forces during the Falklands campaign for some time. Regular readers of this blog will know that I've painted Liberation, Britannia, Elhiem,  and a few other manufacturers but these have always generally represented  BAOR types with the old 44 pattern helmet or a very heavily scrimmed helmet that is accurate for the North German plain but doesn't have the Airborne Ally look that I was after. There's a photo here that illustrates what I'm describing.
I recently put an order into RH Models who produce Liberation and I came across a new pack of figures, code FalksquV helmet variant to Falk1, I ordered a pack and my view that, although not described as such, Rolf has modelled the Airborne helmet on these figures. There's a close up of one of the pack figures below. So another order will be going in with some extras to cover head swops for other packs and my long planned Longdon project can get underway. Thanks Rolf !

Sunday, 15 May 2016


Here's my 3PARA Pl HQ, Empress miniatures, the leaders are based on larger bases, 2p pieces, for "Fighting Season" Dougie
 From left to right, Pl Commander, Pl Sgt, Pl Signaller and Pl Medic

Sunday, 1 May 2016

28mm Afghan Compound

Had a request for a 28mm Afghan Compound, I'd checked out the mdf ones available but wasn't happy with the wall thicknesses and general size, so decided to build from scratch. Dougie. As a basis for size, roof/floor height I used the Renedra Mud Brick House.
 The compound is constructed from 10mm craftfoam which is very easy to work with.
 A view of the basic form.
 The square edges and corners are sanded to give the Afghan look.
 Internal floors put in
 These are removable
 Corners distressed
 Murder hole added
 The compound with texture added using filler
 Doors constructed
 Painted and distressed
 Basic colour added and based
 Doors hung
 Job done with some bits and bobs added for character

Monday, 11 April 2016

Salute !

Folks me and my eldest son are making our annual pilgrimage to Salute and we'll be in the Fox pub from about 830 on Friday night if anyone fancies a pint and a natter. The pub is right next to excel heres the link Fox @ Excel