Sunday, 16 June 2019

28mm Empress USMC Hue '68

First test figs from the cracking new range from Empress

28mm TTCombat Cargo Ship

This is the 28mm cargo ship from TTCombat, now appearing as the "JPO SAM" from Alliance Shipping out of Monrovia. Built straight from the pack with a little weathering.

Friday, 24 May 2019

20mm British Internal Security vehicles Part 1

For "Winter of '79" and Ulster use, Sgts Mess models. I picked up a couple of Landrover Snatch's and A Humber Flying Pig with the fold out screens. Easy kits to assemble.
Here is the Snatch assembled
 The Pig comes with solid screens which wasn't what I wanted
Here's a pic of the version I had in mind
Any hoo used the basic dimensions and knocked a couple up out of plasticard, happier with these
On to painting next.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Wallsend Revolutionary Communist Party Direct Action Group

20mm Liberation figures for "Winter of '79" games, currently using "Firefight Modern" as rules choice.

Friday, 3 May 2019

"Fireteam Modern" AAR

Fireteam Modern are a relatively new set of rules by Rory Crabb, they are at the skirmish level with players activating fireteams so an ideal size force is a platoon. Here's a link to the designers webpage Fireteam Modern
Me and my son played out a small skirmish in 20mm using the rules and I was quite pleased with the way they panned out, here's the skirmish which is set in the Falklands 1982 during the British breakout phase after the landings.
A small patrol from Patrols Platoon 3PARA has bumped an Argentinian unit beside a lone building and peat cutting.
The British force consists of a 2 man command element and 2 sections of 2 fireteams each. They are rated as regular veterans.
The Argentinians have 2 fireteams rated as regular conscripts.
Here's a shot of the terrain, The Argentinian force deployed in the area of the house and peat cuttings, the British entered from the high ground at the bottom of the picture.
The activation cards went the way of the British from the start with them activating and advancing towards the objective, at this point the Argentinians were hidden and the Britsh failed to spot them. The Argentinians activated next and got the first rounds off hitting a British fireteam, seriously wounding a tom but not causing enough suppression points to put the fireteam"under-fire".
The British reaction was swift with good use of command cards and succeeded in totally suppressing the fireteam in the peat cutting before successfully close assaulting them. The horrific number of suppression points effectively ended their resistance and the British captured the position.
Thoughts: I really like this system, the best description I would give is that it cannily gets the balance between detail and playability which is always hard to do. If modern skirmish is your thing buy a copy. More photos of the game below. Dougie

left flank British frieteam taking cover in a stream bed puts fire onto the Argentinian position at the house
 Argentinian fireteam at the house
 From the Argentinian perspective British fireteam advancing
 Right flank British section and command element heading for cover
 Left flank skirmishing forward
 The horrific result of close assault after massive fire suppression

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

28mm Chechen Improvised Anti-Tank Vehicle

This is my answer to the massive amount of Russian armour my gaming oppo is producing for our Chechen War set up. VW Samba minibus crewed by fighter with RPG18 as well as RPG7s stowed out a side window for easy access, what can go wrong?
 Picked the Cararama diecast up for a very reasonable £8.49. Now they are overscale at 1/43 but I think we can get away with it.
 Unboxed, perfectly suitable to put straight on the table but I like to have a little tinker with them
 Screws out broken up into its constituent parts
 Added a driver, a cut up Redstar figure
 The canvas sunroof is moulded on and has to go
 cut out and the folded sunroof made from plastic strip and wine bottle foil.
 Interior painted
 I followed my usual painting system, primed the vehicle and added some wear and tear, chipping grime and streaking.
 The fighter was one of the Empress Chechens and the loose RPGs I found in my spares box, not sure from where.