Monday 4 April 2022

20mm Falklands SAS Troop completed

 Just recently got these guys finished, Liberation Miniatures, led by a Captain, the troop consists of 4 x 4 man patrols, here's a link to my YouTube channel video on these figures

YouTube 20mm SAS Falklands War

The Troop, I've an option to add a radio operator to go with the commander if I wish

Close up of the Commander
The Patrols


  1. Superb work. Faces are excellent, and the British DPM is the best version I've seen - in any scale (I will try to copy :) ). Love the highlighting effects you get too.

    1. Thanks mate appreciated, pleased with how they’ve turned out, should have maybe added some big moustaches with green stuff !

  2. Nice paint work on the Brits, love the camo.