Friday, 14 September 2012

20mm African Flesh Tutorial

Here's how I do African Flesh in 20mm, again a 3 shade tecnique going from darkest to lightest. The figure in question is one of the superb African Boy soldiers from Mutineer Miniatures.

1. The figure based and primed in matt black.

2. Shadow flesh blocked in leaving some black showing in the deepest shadows, eye sockets etc., using Vallejo Model Color 822 German Cam Black Brown.

3. Flesh tone blocked in leaving some of the darker shade showing, the colour is Vallejo Model Color 872 Chocolate Brown.

4. A highlight colour is mixed using 50% 872 Chocolate Brown and 50% Vallejo Model Color 874 US Tan Earth and applied to the very highest highpoints.

5. Combine Vallejo Model Color 802 Sunset Red with a touch of 874 US Tan Earth and paint the bottom lip. Paint the hair, black normaly but the West Side Boys did sport some interesting dyed hair shades. You're done!

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