Friday 14 September 2012

20mm European Flesh Tutorial

Here's my current method of painting european flesh on a 20mm figure. The guy in question is a Liberation Miniatures 20mm UKSF trooper from the Falklands, the fig is slightly converted, I've added the M79 grenade launcher. On 20mm I use a 3 shade method painting from darkest to lightest shade. Just to clarify I haven't forgot to paint his hands, he'll be wearing fingerless gloves so I've only painted fingers and thumbs! Dougie

1. The figure has been based and primed matt black

2. Shadow flesh added, this is Vallejo Game Color 44 Dark Flesh, I never add eyes on 20mm figures for personal choice, you need to be covering the flesh areas with this colour leaving the black undercoat in the deepest darkest areas, eye sockets, sides of nose. Also leave the bottom lip and any hair.

3. Main Flesh added, this is Foundry Flesh Shade 5A, block in the facial areas again but leave some of the shadow showing in the deeper areas.

4. Highlight flesh added, this is Vallejo Game Color 4 Elf Flesh, paint the highpoints, bridge and tip of nose, top lip if you can see it, highest point of cheeks, ears, edge of jaw and chin.

5. Bottom lip painted Vallejo Model Color 802 Sunset Red and hair painted to your preference and you're done.


  1. Great tut Dougie. Are you a Falklands vet?

  2. Wasn't deployed on Operation Corporate, I was training up for a tour in Northern Ireland, did a tour of the Falklands in 1984, I've a few photos that I'll have to post.