Sunday, 16 December 2012

Communication Hub finished !

Some shots of the Hub. Dougie
 A shot of some of the bits before they were added.


  1. My word this is modelling and paiting at its best. I just hope a little of this rubs off on me when I get my FAQ2 for xmas.
    Apart from the ariels that you made, where did you get all the other extra's from Dougie?
    I know you use Britannia Miniatures, are they 20mm or 28mm for this range(and if 28mm are they compatible with Empress Miniatures)?

    1. Pat, the majority of my wargaming is in 20mm, all the Afghan stuff is. I've got a pack of the 28mm Empress Modern Brits, only painted 1 figure!, and they are superb, the only issue I have with 28mm is the lack of other stuff, vehicles, aircraft etc., 20mm has a massive choice of suppliers.
      The chair and table are from CP Models, the SA80 is a Britannia casting, the suitcase communication unit is from the Britannia Desert Hawk UAV pack, I just cut it away from the figure and cleaned it up.
      I'm sure you'll do great with FAQ2, just take your time follow the instructions and lots of practice!
      I'd also really recommend AK Interactives "Washes, fading and oils" a DVD by Mig, a great visual guide to the tecniques.
      All the best, Dougie

    2. Thanks for the info Dougie.
      I can see why you went for 2omm but I love those Empress Miniatures and the look of a figure range can be the deciding factor for me starting a new period, which is what has happened here.
      Great blog BTW and very inspirational.