Thursday, 17 April 2014

Salute 2014

         had my yearly pilgrimage from the north down to Excel and what a show it was! The show for me was really about meeting Colin Phillips and Craig Watterson from Radio Dishdash Publishing, the folks behind the "Skirmish Sangin" system. As the majority of you know I get very excited about this game and its been my main wargame focus for a while, when it came out I already had my large 20mm setup so I was off to a good start.
        The lads had set up a very cool table and played numerous games throughout the day, the feedback I got was extremely complimentary and a credit to Colin and Craig. Anyone who is in the slightest bit interested in this period, or indeed post WW2 conflict, the core rules are a dream to use, should pick a copy up!
Its very well supported on their blog and yours truly has a "How to" on painting 28mm Empress Brits, the link for the blog is below,
         At the risk of setting some heads spinning I've been looking to start off a very complete Skirmish Sangin Afghan set up in 28mm, I'm still keeping my 20mm stuff, a number of folks have already been tempting me with cash for my collection! Based around Empress and Eureka figs the show purchases centred around this.
  I'd preordered some of the superb Eureka Taliban as well as their packs of Afghan National Police, these are awesome figures and will be featuring on the blog soon. Because you need so little figure wise to set up a visit to Empress got me some USMC for Afghan as well as the superb M-ATV. I was fully expecting to be scratching my buildings however while passing Renedra I picked up one of their new Mud-Brick houses so we'll see what that's like.
         In the Fox@Excel the night before Salute the conversation with Colin and Craig covered all aspects of modern gaming, my main wargaming interest, and the old eighties film "The Beast" about the Soviets in Afghanistan, was discussed and its suitability as a scenario.
"The Beast"
 The clever folks at Eureka have just released an excellent pack of Soviet Motor Rifles, as well as a pack of dismounted tank crew based on the characters in the film. More money spent!
         All this stuff will feature in the blog so keep dropping in.


  1. Sounds like a fun day was had.

  2. Hi Dougie, I missed Salute again this year having been laid low with a man-bug. Reading your post I noted you mention the film "the Beast". Is that the one where a Russian T-62 (possibly another type?) and crew get separated and try to find their way back to their lines? Cracking film, not seen it for years and would love a set of figures. Look forward to your 28mm set-up & Skirmish Sangin. I will be using the rules in Aden and will be taking inspiration. Cracking stuff. Aye, Rusty

    1. Yup your right about the Beast, I picked a copy of the DVD up in HMV for £5.99, a good film, the eureka figs are really excellent, I'll post a photo, they're wearing gasmasks, its from the scene when they release the gas in the village.
      Later, Dougie

  3. Fantastic!

    looking forward to seeing the 28mm Figures done up :)