Monday, 6 October 2014

28mm SAGA Normans Part 1

As I mentioned in a previous post I recently picked up a nicely painted 28mm Norman Warband for SAGA. There were enough mounted figures to form 3 Hearthguard units and have a single mounted Warlord. 2 of the 12 knights were command really, a horn blower and a standard bearer and as I wanted a Warlord base, I got a pack of Perry Norman Knights from thier 1st Crusade range which would leave me with a 3 mounted figure Warlord base, which is what I wanted. Of the 12 levy figs, 3 of them were the Gripping Beast armed monks which are nice but I wanted the 12 as archers so replaced them with 3 generic archer figs which I think are Curteys.
All I've got to do is base them, I use 2 pence pieces for the foot figures, WarBases mdf pre cuts for the cavalry and Warlord stand.  Dougie
3 of the bought painted Levy, I've finished the base on the centre fig.
The 3 replacement bows I painted.
The Warlord stand, all I've done is add a Little Big Men Studios banner.


  1. Looking very very nice! Love the command stand!

    1. Thanks Rodger, onto the base now. Dougie

  2. Very nice. The bowmen you painted in the middle picture are simply excellent, so much detail in the faces and lovely colouring on the tunics for such ordinary soldiers. Very nice. Looking froward to seeing them all on the tabletop!