Friday 4 May 2012

Falklands Base Debate

Folks, I've been having some thoughts about my Falklands basing and wether its suitable. The stuff I've done upto now I've used my standard ground colouring and varied it by adding different grass and gorse. The photo below shows a GPMG gunner on the 1st style and an SF type on the second darker base, which do you think looks best? Dougie


  1. IMO the GPMG base is the best.

  2. To be honest I can't really tell the difference but they both look good and scrubby.

  3. I think dependant on the environment... the darker one is better for rocky ground and the GPMG is better for sandier places

  4. Thanks for the comments guys not made my mind up yet!

  5. Hi Dougie,

    I think the darker base for me.

    I like your paint job, any chance you could share your colour choices and method


  6. Hi Dougie,
    I think the LMG guy's base looks a bit dry. From my memory of the newsreels etc the Falklands look just like Scotland or the Brecon Beacons - both of which look considerably soggier than the LMG base.

    Speaking of the Brecon Beacons similarity - could it be that the reason for the British Army's last undisputed success was that it was fought in terrain that looked just the British Army's training ground?


  7. The darker base. The island was (is) cold and damp and the darker base suits that best.