Tuesday 17 July 2012

Falklands Company level 10mm?

I was free last Saturday and got to the Pendraken Birthday Bash in Middlesbrough. I've never really considered 10mm as viable for what I game but looking at the new Falklands range I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. The idea would be company or larger engagements, not really doable in 20mm, using the "We'll have to bloody walk" supplement for IABSM by Too Fat Lardies. A couple of photos below of a test figure, the second one with a 20mm figure to appreciate the size of the casting! Dougie


  1. aw its like a little gnome soldier compared to the 20mm one

  2. Very nice. I may have to investigate this!

  3. 'Struth! Good job on the 10mm figure.