Monday 22 July 2013

10mm Falklands Brits part 1

Well, got 72 10mm Brits to paint in dpm! Using a production line, all need cleaning and attaching, 4 figs to each wooden lolly stick for ease of painting, then I'll be altering all the helmets to airborne pots, prior to painting, intending to leave some in berets for a splash of maroon machine colour. It'll probably take longer to do the prep than the actual painting. They'll be a 6 fig CO stand, 3 3 fig HQ stands, a 3 fig FAO stand, 2 fig FAC stand, 3 milans, 3 mortars, 3 GPMGs, and the 9 Inf stands, as well as 2 Household Cavalry Scimitars. You can get the idea of the production line below. Dougie


  1. I have to prep mine as well. Looking forward to seeing the results of your efforts!