Saturday 14 September 2013

10mm Falklands Brit CO stand

For my 10mm CO stand I wanted the 50mmx50mm base to represent the 3PARA Bn Comd moving forward on Longdon. 6 figures , the 2 radio ops are from the Pendraken WW2 Brit Airborne range. They're wearing berets which I've left to add a bit of colour although historically 3PARA were in helmets on London. I was happy enough with the guy on the ammo box, I thought of converting it to a rock but decided against it. The other guy has a large radio next to him which looked very WW2 so I used a bit of green stuff and converted it into a bergan. The look I was after was a Radio op on a temporary halt with the top flap of the bergan open and the radio exposed, hopfully its worked.

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