Monday 30 September 2013

10mm Falklands update

Well folks, I'm ploughing through my Brits in DPM, I've managed to get the technique down and I'm managing to complete 8 figures in just over an hour, which I'm happy with. When they're all done I'll varnish them before mounting them on the bases.
I've also been looking for a Harrier GR3 for air support, can't find one in 1/144th scale, a Sea Harrier is available by Minicraft and I've toyed with the idea of converting it, just really redoing the nose section. However I've found this diecast by Corgi, now its a little big, roughly 1/120th scale but I can probably live with that, there's a photo below, nicely painted but not sure if I can live with the obvious seam/join line so she might be getting filled and repainted.
There's no weapons either, so a Revell 1/144th Tornado might be getting raided!

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