Monday 11 November 2013

Smoggycon Game - Burntside Hill Goose Green Falklands 1982 in 10mm

I'm putting on a demo game at Smoggycon this year. It is a refight of B Company 2PARA assaulting Burntside Hill at the start of the battle of Goose Green. This action occurred just after B Coy crossed their startline in darkness on the western side of the Goose Green Isthmus.
Goose green is covered in a number of books. "Goose Green - A battle is fought to be won" by Mark Adkin was published in 1992 and for many this is the book to read. However any student of the Falklands Campaign must read "Not mentioned in despatches - The history and Mythology of the Battle of Goose Green" by Spencer Fitz-Gibbon. This is hard reading, it shatters many illusions but for the good, read this book if you can get a copy!

All the figures are done now and illustrated in previous posts, for the demo we'll be using CWC, each infantry stand representing a section. The terrain is purpose built by myself, it has been simplified a little but the main features are present. I wanted it geomorphic so my 20mm guys could use it as well!
The terrain is composed of terrain tiles 500mm x 500mm, there's 6 forming the battlefield and 3 smaller sections representing Camilla Creek.
All the tiles are made from a base of 12mm MDF. I got a large sheet from B&Q for £19, they cut it very accurately for free and I ended up with 8 full 500mm x 500mm tiles as well as the extra Camilla Creek ones. The terrain itself is formed from 5mm thick blue foamboard available here:
This is glued to the MDF and the terrain sculpted into it. The MDF acts as the waterlevel with the terrain ontop.
Here's a shot of one of the tiles. Updates to follow as we go through the construction. That's a Command base on the tile for scale. Dougie


  1. Bravo, Dougie. Looks like a great project. My friend Nick Skinner has strongly recommended "Not Mentioned in Despatches", and it is most certainly on my reading list. Very interested to see how your project progresses.

  2. Really interested to follow progress for this project. Great work so far.

    1. Cheers Paul there'll be lots of updates over the next week or so!

  3. I will be watching this with interest...

  4. Absolutely spot on with Spencer Fitz-Gibbon's "Not Mentioned in Despatches." A forensic analysis of the 2 PARA's battle. Keep it coming.

    1. It really is a super book, I don't get sick of re-reading it.
      Later, Dougie