Thursday 5 June 2014

28mm Afghanistan - Skirmish Sangin

As regular readers will know I have quite a sizable 20mm Afghan collection, since the advent of "Skirmish Sangin" I wanted to start a collection in 28mm using the wonderful Empress and Eureka Miniatures. The system is very low level and you don't need a large collection.
In relation to terrain I've used my 20mm stuff with the obvious exception of buildings, the crops arn't as high as I'd like but you can't have everything! If your interested in this system check out their blog below
First off are a couple of Photos of my first Empress figures, out of interest there's a full tutorial on the skirmish sangin blog on how I painted the Brits and the joy that is 28mm MultiCam!

3PARA fireteam
Taliban Fighters
Next up are the figures in theatre, the whole board is only 3 feet square and you can have quite a good engagement of something of this size.
Some views around the table
The Brits have occupied the building while the insurgents skirmish forward
And lastly some Taliban level views! Dougie


  1. The figures & terrain is stunning!

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks comments always appreciated!

  2. This set-up nicely demonstrates how changing a couple of key aspects (buildings) can convincingly bring a 20mm table into use with 28mm. The prospect of multi-cam makes me squeemish but your Para fire-team sets the gold standard. Keep malleting those irrigation ditches! Aye, Rusty

    1. Thanks mate, well on the way to finished the 2nd fire team and for Skirmish Sangin that'll be it, of course I'll need some support, GPMG team, Sniper oh and a Javelin team, and that Airfix Jackal looks quite tasty. It goes without saying that the Taliban opposition and dickers will be getting the good news, obviously after PID.
      Later matie, Dougie

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