Monday 31 August 2015

Fighting Season CoC Patrol Markers and Jump off points - Coalition Forces

Further to my previous post on the Taliban markers and jump off points here are the coalition, same base dimensions

Patrol Markers

Jump Off Points

Some close ups of the jump off points.

The Quad Bike

The Re-supply Trailer

The Prisoner collection point

The First Aid point


  1. What line is the prisoner from, mate? Love your work :)

    1. Hi mate, the prisoner is the old Platoon 20 buddist monk, converted with greenstuff. During the first part of the Helmand deployment it was common for detainees to have their eyes covered hands tied with their turban/headscarf. Once this practice was seen by liberals it was deemed inappropriate by them and the practice discouraged.

    2. Many thx Doug, gives me something to look for. :)

  2. Very inspiring. Are those Britainia miniatures (except the prisoner). Might have to copy that prisoner idea ... if you don't mind! :)