Friday 7 October 2016

28mm MultiCam

Well here’s how I paint MultiCam in 28mm. At each stage I’ve included front and back views of the figure.

These are the paints I have used...
VMC Medium Grey 987
VMC Buff 976
VMC English Uniform 921
VMC Golden Olive 857
VMC USA Uniform 922
VMC SS Cam Blk Brown 822
VMC Ivory 918
and finally Daler Rowney Acrylic Artists Ink Sepia 251.

It’s an 8 stage process so here goes!

Stage 1 is to paint the whole uniform, body armour and webbing/load carrying equipment in VMC Medium Grey 987. Leave a small amount of black showing at the clothing joins.

Stage 2 is to highlight this colour with VMC Buff 976 as below.

Stage 3 is to lay on the first camo colour, VMC English Uniform 921 in a horizontal pattern, as below

Stage 4 we add VMC Golden Olive 857, again in a horizontal pattern as below

Stage 5 we add smaller areas of VMC USA Uniform 922, as below

Stage 6 we add flecks/swirls of VMC SS Cam Blk Brown 822, as below

Stage 7 is to add flecks/swirls of VMC Ivory 918, as below

Stage 8 is the last stage in my MultiCam method, we use Daler Rowney Acrylic Artists Ink Sepia 251 and a fine brush to line out and edge all joins and uniform seams, as below

It is a bit time comsuming but I’m quite pleased with the result.


  1. Great step by step...thanks! The results are outstanding.

  2. Fantastic guidelines there. Thanks for that.

    ...and a great result on that miniature,

  3. Great job mate, always interesting to see how people do the multicam. I think I have just as many steps as you :-)

  4. I've been dying to try this - I finally have all the paints needed. Your 2nd step, Highlighting in VMC Buff 976, could you perhaps explain a bit more what you physically did there? I'm a noob and I have done edge highlighting which I can tell is not what you did there. It almost looks like there is Buff color everywhere, but I'm sure that's not right either.

    Thank you!

    1. No problem, when you lay the buff on cover more than you would on a normal traditional edge highlight so if you think of the uniform sections as areas cover a larger proportion than you would if you were edge highlighting armour. It’s an attempt to alter the tonal colour of the base before the camo colours go on. What I would say is don’t worry too much about what it looks like in the early stages it tends to look better as the colours go on, remember its the ”look” of the camo you’re after. Hope this helps 😉

    2. Perfect! Thanks a lot.