Friday 27 January 2017

20mm Falklands Scimitar Part4 Markings

I'm now on to the vexed question of markings, I initially thought of the standard number plates and markings for the Blues and Royals, here's a nice photo of Scimitar 23 Charlie.

This photo is on Ascension island on route south, and I'd ordered some of the Kingfisher decals, this photo is the landrover sheet but you get the idea.

On further digging it appears that the guys painted out the markings and insignia prior to operations for obvious reasons.

So the question to you folks is should I leave the insignia/markings off (Historically accurate) or should I put them on (Looks Nicer) ? Thoughts?  Dougie


  1. I'm lazy
    I tend to leave markings off. Especially since I haven't figured out how to get the markings and stowage to overlap convincingly

  2. Put them on but blur them with thinned paint and mud

  3. I agonize over the same thing: markings or no markings, WHICH markings, etc... Ultimately it usually comes down to how I'm feeling on the day. I do usually end up trying to put some sort of generic markings on vehicles (especially if I own more than one - just to keep track of which is which).

    You could put them on and then half paint over them to make it look like some one did a half-assed job of trying to be "tactical" - or smear or spatter them with some of the ground colour you use for bases to look like someone's smeared mud over them or they've been splattered with mud on the road...?