Friday 12 January 2018

Battlefront WW2 and the Falklands

I've had a set of Fire and Fury's "Battlefront WW2" rules since they were published in 2000, read them but not actually played them, however, I always liked the concept. Very quickly a stand represents a section or squad and maneuver elements are companies, ground scale is 1" = 40yds and a turn is 10 minutes.

Out of the blue I recently came across their forum which had a modern adaptation, provisionally called "First Echelon". Here's the link Modern BF . The guys doing this have put a massive amount of work into the project and the majority of rules and unit stats have been completed covering armies and engagements from WW2 up to the Cold War.
The level of the rules lend themselves really well to the Falklands War with the majority of land engagements being battalion attacks so a standard British battalion has 3 rifle company maneuver elements plus support. With the exception of Goose Green the majority of battles don't cover a big area and are definitely doable on an average table.
I'm not doing a review of the rules, there's loads out there, but I would recommend that if your looking at modern engagements at the company/battalion level give them a gander.
Figures wise I'm using my 10mm Falklands stuff, basing wise I've used the 15mm sizes and with the 10mm figures it looks more accurate. The majority of infantry bases are 30mm x 20mm with 2 figures on representing a section or squad. Some photos below.
Check out the Goose Green battle scenario by a guy on the forum, R. Mark Davies, a cracking job. Here's the link Goose Green - Sunray Down


First pic is a rough example of an Argentine company less support, 1 command stand and 12 squads
 Close up of a command stand
 Mortar and 2 GPMG stands


  1. Just what I did not want to read .... ;)

    Dougie, I bought a few test packs of the Pendraken 10mm and some of the Timecast buildings a few years ago. But I quickly put them ionto the big cupboard of doom as I couldn't find any rules that I felt comfortable enough with. I do want stands representing sections and I want to be able to model battalion actions.

    Damn, these sound just like what I need - which means I need to buy more figures and truly commence another project.

    Thanks (I actually mean it)

    1. Ha Ha Richard just embrace it, the rules are perfect for virtually all the battles, all basically battalion actions so you have company's as maneuver elements.
      I've been working on Longdon, the whole battle will fit on a table roughly 4x3.
      Worth checking out the new 10mm Cold War Brits from Timecast as well!