Friday 5 October 2018

20mm SADF

I painted these troops quite a while ago but noticed that I don't think they're on the blog for some reason. 20mm Liberation figures, I have a platoon of "Troepies" in standard gear with bush hats on usable as 61 Mech or citizen force units
3 man Platoon HQ and 3 squads of 8 men
 Close up of the Platoon HQ
One of the squads
As a force multiplier I also knocked out 2 4 man patrols from 32 Battalion Reconnaissance Group.
They required a bit of research and are wearing the 32 Bn specific camo which came in 2 patterns for summer and winter. 32 Bn was mixed race and the 2 white guys are wearing "black is beautiful" face paint.


  1. Fantastic! I've always loved your style Dougie, and these are beautifully done!

  2. Great job on the camouflage suits :)