Thursday 25 October 2018

28mm M4A3 Sherman

My eldest has been knocking out a late war US platoon for chain of command and asked me to paint up a Sherman for him to support his Empress late war yanks. He picked up the Die Waffenkammer M4A3 and if you haven't seen one of these resin kits they are definately worth looking at, extremely well cast, supplied with stowage and crew, the only thing I needed to add was an aerial.
Construction was very straight forward, and I painted it using my normal long winded method. Photos below, Dougie

Basically I've primed the model, airbrushed olive drab on using modulation, applied a filter, chipping, pin wash, streaking, rust and some spilt fuel stains. 
 Side view showing the streaking
 the supplied crewman and .50 cal
 more views of the streaking and chipping


  1. The tank looks amazing. The face looks kind of familiar...

  2. Very nice! Love the weathering and chipped paint!

  3. You've got a lucky son! I'd be thrilled if my old man knocked something out this gorgeous :)