Friday 7 December 2018

CoC 28mm German Infantry

My son has recently completed a 28mm late war US Airborne Platoon for Chain of Command using the new Empress late war Yanks. He bought me some of the matching German Volksgrenadiers which I 'll be using to make up the platoon. I decided to paint them as Waffen SS, now some of the figures, designed as Army troops, are wearing the hooded M1943 winter tunic which the SS didn't use, I've got round this by painting them as the SS reversible padded winter hooded jacket. I wanted a very late war ad-hoc look to the platoon and I've organised them with a single MG42 per squad.
Anyhoo here's the first squad painted my new quick method of blocking colours in then washing, not as detailed but much quicker ! Dougie