Wednesday 11 December 2019

"Contact Front" rules

Picked up a copy of these new rules by CarlTitterington, published by Gods Eye Games . I got
 the pdf for speed of delivery and after browsing through it set up a game with my son. The rules are platoon level and designed for Afghanistan or similar theatres. Not your normal rules set out its designed round a military course and the rules are straightforward with some nice theatre touches such as the rules of engagement section, if the Taliban are on the table in line of sight but haven't opened fire you can't engage them ! Other rules for civilians and interpreters are also well handled. Lots of full rules reviews on the web so I'm not going to do that here, I thought I'd give a quick run through of the game we played and include some pics. to round off, if modern wargaming is your thing I'd definitely buy a copy of these rules. Dougie

Alex won initiative and picked the Ambush scenario for his British forces. His base force was a platoon command team and 2 sections of 2 fire teams each. On rolling for support he got an 8 and with the scenario additional support of +3 had 11 points to spend, he selected the following;

Infantry Section
Sniper Team
Arty Fire Controller
off table 105mm battery

My choice was an arms cache to protect and my base Taliban force of 2 Command teams, 2 fighter cells, a RPG team and a LMG team were supplemented with 2 additional LMG teams and a dicker.

Here's the table

View from the Taliban deployment zone

The arms cache

 The Brits deploy

The Taliban deploy

A "Dicker", very useful in the rules if your playing Taliban

It all kicks off

Not wanting to give away too many of the rules but if your playing Taliban, saunter around into position don't shoot at coalition forces until you're in a prime position. Open fire too early or without thinking and you're in a world of pain. Think tactically as an insurgent, IED.
A cracking system that will frustrate the coalition player, but of course that's what it should be doing. Great job by Carl Titterington looking forward to more army lists and scenarios!


  1. Sounds like an interesting rule set - I have toyed with a few variations adapting other rules etc but have struggled to get all the elements I want - civilians in the way, restrictive RoE, IED's, nosey press reporters etc - into it in a convincing way!

  2. i ordered the rule set but i am have trouble figuring out what the dicker dose

    1. The dicker uses the “Eyes On” special rule, pg54 in the rules. There’s a good Facebook page for the rules ran by the author 😉

  3. Hey Dougie, what figures are you using?

  4. The figures in the photos are mainly Britannia 20mm 😉