Friday 10 January 2020

Tiny Terrain T62

Picked one of these up to use as a captured Chechen vehicle, It's a resin model and very nice quality, here's a shot of the parts laid out
 The only work I decided to do on it was to replace the turret grab handles with wire ones.

 The dushka is a little gem
 I followed my usual painting format that I've been through before, kicking off with Halfords primer

 Used various products from Ammo and AK to finish the beast

 I was initially going to have the vehicle painted with slogans to show its captured status, however after realising it would then be very limited in use I decided to knock up a removable piece of rear deck stowage with a Chechen flag

A really nice kit hopefully Tiny Terrain will do more.


  1. Fabulous work mate, good idea with the flag too

    All the best with your projects and plans in 2020

    French Wargame Holidays