Tuesday 8 September 2020

20mm Argentine 120mm Mortar Part 1

 Next up for Argentine support is the 120mm mortar. They used the French manufactured Brandt 120mm MO-12-AM50 mortar. The pics below are a captured one from the campaign.

This specific mortar doesn't appear to be available in 20mm so after a good gander I opted for some conversion work to the Zvezda 1/72 scale kit, this is a nice kit and you also get some mortar bombs included.

As you can see in the top photos the main difference is the base plate, I knocked this up out of plasticard and some brass wire and got it on a round mdf base.

For the crew I opted for a range from Elhiem Miniatures the Nato FN Fal range, available here Elhiem Miniatures The only issue was that the figures are in summer uniform with plain helmets, time for more green stuff! The generic gun crew are in great firing positions and the also do a guy dropping a 120mm bomb down the tube. To start I added hoods to the figures and extended the jacket to parka length. I then added the helmet covers.