Sunday 15 November 2020

Markers for "Fireteam Modern" Rules

 Regulars will know that I'm a fan of "Fireteam Modern" rules by Rory Crabb, if you haven't checked out this system you need to, they're available from Wargames Vault.

Like a lot of systems they require the use of some markers during games, a set is included to print out with the rules

I printed these out and stuck them to some foam board just to try and as expected I didn't like the look of them on the table so I decided to make my one more scenic versions. Playing the rules it became apparent that 99% of the time I only used 5 of the markers, Activated, Overwatch, Down, Suppressed and Hidden.

I decided on the following plan for the markers all based on 15mm diameter mdf round bases from Warbases.

Activated - Rocks

Overwatch - Magazines or Ammunition boxes

Down - Large grass clump, Falklands Diddle Dee!

Suppressed - Blood

Hidden - Item under cams netting

Here's the result from left to right, Activated, Overwatch, Down, Suppressed and Hidden.



  1. Very neat, especially the camo netting one. Nice work.

  2. Fantastic idea - the markers look great . I'm inspired to copy :)

  3. Great ideas dougie, love the camo net marker the best

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