Monday 29 March 2021

20mm Falklands Buildings

 I picked up a few of the Hornby Scaledale buildings a while back, as well as some other scenery bits and bobs for the Falklands.

The Scaledale buildings are pre-painted resin castings, I'll be repainting and basing them maybe adding a little few detail additions as well. the first t3 are here and I'll be using them for a variety of engagements.


  1. They look great! 20mm is a great scale, there are many things outside of the specific Wargaming world that can be used for it.
    Some buildings in the Falklands have this small room mostly made of glass or with big windows before the actual house, I don't know what it's name is. That might be a great addition.

    1. Thanks Matias, I think you mean a porch or conservatory, model railway scenery is a great resource for 20mm wargaming.

  2. Those are perfect for the Falklands..great find!