Friday 24 September 2021

28mm Peninsula Brits for "Song of Drums and Shakos"

 Finished some Perry Plastic Brits for "Song of Drums and Shakos", this is a low level skirmish game using the "Song of Blades and Heroes" system by Andrea Sfiligoi. Simple, fast playing, fun and inexpensive, currently £7.99 on Amazon. The plastic guys painted as 5th Foot in the Peninsula.

Officer and Standard Bearers

Light Coy Sgt, Centre Coy Sgt and Drummer

16 Centre Coy Soldiers


Light Coy Soldiers


  1. Well on your way to a British Sharp Practice force there.. another light infantry group of 6, couple of groups of 8 line.. maybe 8 grenadiers? :) Lovely paint jobs too. Nice and clean and sharp. The light infantry group and sergeant are particularly nice.

    1. Thanks Doug, SP2 popular at my club have to have a looksee 😉