Sunday, 16 January 2022

What's new for 2022?

 Folks, this is an update on my thoughts for the coming year wargaming wise. The major event for my wargaming year is the 40th anniversary of the Falklands war and I'll be trying to get my 20mm project completed before the anniversary of the Argentine invasion. So....

Focus No.1

This will be to finish off my 20mm Falklands collection, it's progressing well as regulars will know albeit starting a good few years ago, left to do are;

the 3 coastal terrain tiles

16 man SAS/SF Troop

4 Argentine aircraft, 1 Turbo Mentor, 2 Pucaras and a Short Skyvan

Focus No.2

28mm Vietnam project, I really want to get cracking with this, the lead mountain for this project is growing with a mixture of Empress, Gringo 40s and Full Metal Miniatures, initially it's going to be Hue'68 but I've already been tempted by Empress Anzacs, MACV SOG and SEALs

Focus No.3

Finish off the odds and sods I have started and not finished mainly but not limited to, 28mm Napoleonic skirmish, 6mm Modern, 6mm WW2.

The other news is that I'll shortly be starting a wargaming channel on Youtube, this is still in the development stage, I haven't decided on a name yet but "Dougie's Wargaming Blog Show" is looking likely, I'll update on here and also on my Facebook painting page how this is progressing and when it's going live.

To finish off here's some 6mm WW2 stuff I've recently completed, I've been quite taken with "Iron Cross" rules by Great Escape Games, these are simple quick play rules which work really well, not as detailed as some people may want but for a fun quick game I'm liking them.

Late War East Front, vehicles GHQ, figures Adler

Terrain wise I opted for Timecast, here's a selection of their rubber roads and fields as well as buildings, really nice stuff1

That's it for this update. As normal any questions just ask.



  1. Excited to see your plans! Youtube sounds interesting and can't wait to see what you come up with

    1. I’ll hopefully be able to hold to it it’ll be work getting in the way 😮

  2. Great update, really looking forward to your Falklands and Vietnam projects. Good luck!

  3. Will be following (and viewing) with interest!

  4. Lots of nice looking WWII stuff here Dougie. Looking forward to seeing the competed Falklans project on the table...perhaps with each significant action played on the actual anniversary?

    1. Thanks, that is a quite interesting idea 🤔