Tuesday 19 November 2013

Burntside Hill terrain part 4

I want the terrain to be heavily grassed with few areas of the earth showing, the area of Goose Green is really undulating grassland of quite a monotonous colour but rough in places, the 2 photos below give an idea of the look I'm after.

I'll be showing this section of Camilla Creek to illustrate the tecniques I've used, the ground's been given the very dark damp earth colour, then very gently drybrushed up I wanted to keep the base colour quite dark so the lighter shades have to be quite gentle. The shot shows the grass cover on, I'll do some close ups I've tried to achieve the heavily covered look this park of the Falklands doesn't have the rockruns etc. I'll do some closer shots tomorrow, the shades on the photo are a little off, it looks nicer in the flesh and I'm quite pleased

1 comment:

  1. A nice rendition- the land scape is pretty stark and I think you'll really get that in 10mm rather than the bigger scales.