Sunday 1 December 2013

Burntside Hill terrain part 5

I've been out the loop for a couple of weeks but I'm sorted now, next stage on the piece is to give depth to the grass, additional clumps added as well as tufts, the whole piece was then spray soaked with Woodland Scenics Scenic cement (Thinned white glue). When its dry the surface is virtually indestructible and you loose No flock!!! I've also painted in the stream/river a dirty peaty brown/black, no blue rivers here, a bit of a bugbear of mine, if you look carefully you can see the grading. Dougie
A close up to show the subtle depth to the grass cover


  1. Excellent and very realistic terrain Dougie.

  2. Looks good for me ;-D I am eager to see the terrain finished.

    Take care


  3. Looks awesome [for any scale too]!


    Are you simply using static grass, or is this a grass mat?

    What brand/color(s)? For the uneven [deepest] grass areas, I assume you are just applying glue to the desired area and then sprinkling in more? Are you using any sort of electrolysis to aid in standing on end, or are you simply sprinking?

    David :-)

    1. David, well done you've spotted the obvious mistake, I haven't posted how I've actually done the grass, slaps head then stands in a corner. I'll rectify this over the next couple of days, basically its all loose static grass attached with glue and sealed, I didn't use any form of electrolysis, did think about it but after a few tests was happy with the results I got without. The system I use seals it really hard and it ain't shedding! I'll do a full tutorial with products colours etc. I'm now off to put my donkeys ears on! Dougie

    2. Further to this and to confirm, the grass is all loose static grass, I can't remember the shades/make I used but I went for a yellow/green that I mixed by eye. Mixing bags is always best as it gets rid of the uniformity. Once you've got a shade your happy with glue it to your terrain and shake off excess. You can keep adding different shades/amounts until you get the look you're after. Once you're happy with it, the whole thing is sprayed with thinned PVA, give it a good soaking and when its dry its like armour plate and doesn't shed. That's about it, you can keep adding extras for depth/variation just keep sealing it with the sprayed PVA. Hope this helps!