Wednesday 14 January 2015

On the Seven Seas

My eldest son has been into Pirates since he was taken to see Pirates of the Caribbean with Mr.Depp, he's also flitted in and out of figure painting as his fancy but this has recently increased since he got a copy of the recent Osprey Pirate rules, "On the Seven Seas" by Chris Peers. The photos below show his Hollywoodish crew, that he's painted using a mixture of washes and the system that I use. They're quite good, he hasn't painted for a while and its got his interest going so everyones a winner. Of the 15 figures I've painted Capt Jack, the flag and the African, Alex has done the rest and he's improving dramatically!

The rules are quite good and deserve a look for a pick up games, I've been talking to a friend of mine whose been asking for tips on my painting style so the next post will be concerning how I painted a figure from Neil's Royal Navy Crew, figures courtesy of North Star.


  1. Those look great, the painting is well done.

    1. Thanks Stanley, he hasn't painted for a long time so he's quite pleased!