Sunday 11 January 2015

Some Corner of a Foreign Field AAR

This post has been delayed a while as I've been having a large amount of building work being carried out at Casa Robinson and although I'm retired I've had to give it my undivided attention rather than the figures!
Anyhow on the gaming front, while waiting with baited breath for the Afghan adaptation of Chain of Command from Too Fat Lardies,  me and Alex had a quick run through of the very cheap and very short "Some Corner of a Foreign Field" modern rules.

To set the scene Alex had a UK fire team located beside a small Hut and was tasked with cleaning a compound a short distance to his front. I had 2 local Talibs for hire in dish dash and AKs,

Here's a view of the table from my end, Abdul and Mohammed are in the foreground, the Brit fireteam is around the hut.

A closer view of Abdul, on the left and Mohammed in the crops on the right.

The Brit Fire Team starting the game, activating first.

The Brits opened fire and gave Abdul a light wound and 5 stress markers!

The fireteam Corporal and his oppo dashed to the wall of the compound the other 2 members hit Mohammed wounding him and giving multiple stress markers. When they were activated Abdul failed his morale and ran off behind the cover of the wall trying to stready his nerves. Mohammed ended up in the compound before failing an unconcious test and passing out!
Abdul, his nerves now steady, came back around the corner of the compound and was promptly cut down by the LMG. At this stage the Corporal and his oppo cleared the bodies and secured the compound.

A Brit victory, glory to Alex. The way the stress works I wasn't able to get a round off!!!

A very quick easy system that's fun, its obviously not in the same league as Skirmish Sangin, that regular readers will know I'm very keen on, but it is extremely cheap and very quick to play.



  1. Superbly painted figures Dougie and your terrain has been a big inspiration for what I have done with my own.

    Likewise, whilst I am also keenly waiting for CoC 'Fighting Season' to appear I may just send off for these rules as my table is already set up and waiting and I am chomping at the bit.

    1. its very low level so look at fireteam actions ;)

  2. Great looking table!! Your figs are also outstanding. Love the pics.

  3. Looks like a great little system, I should really get round to giving it a go....



  4. Great stuff here ... really like your approach here. May I ask how you did those adobe walls to make them so smooth?