Monday 26 February 2018

28mm Colonial Brits

A few of the fellas at my club suggested Playing "Death in the Dark Continent", I'd had a copy of the rules from the Nickstarter and went for a generic British Imperial force using List 68 British in South Africa. As these are high quality troops you don't get many for your 300 points which also meant quicker painting!
I'd decided to use Perry Plastics and although not strictly correct went for the Sudan/Afghan box as well as the new Perry Zulus for a native contingent.
I've painted these as quickly as possible using a wash technique so they're not up to my usual standard but I'm happy enough with them.
They're based for DitDC so all on 60mm x 30mm bases, the force consists of a Commander/chief stand, 2 units of 4 bases of Elite British Infantry and 4 stands of native contingent.

The full force all 284 points
 Native contingent
 One of the 2 Elite infantry units
 The Commander


  1. Fantastic. Love the command stand.

    Cheers, Andy

  2. Just wonderful , I always wanted to do these in 20mm but the figures were never really there . Now shed wars is doing Sudan in 28mm I may reach for the credit card ...