Saturday 17 March 2018

10mm Falklands Brit GPMG SF teams

As the majority of regular readers will know I've been rebasing my 10mm Falklands collection for the modern adaptation of Fire & Fury's "Battlefront WW2" rules. I now have a fully based Para Bn useable as either of the 2 that went down south apart from the Support Company GPMG SF teams.
I've used Pendraken Figures in the past, however Timecast have released a stonking Cold War British range which are ideal, here's the link Timecast Cold War Brits
I picked up a selection at Vapnartak at York in February, GPMG SF teams, Command, CVR(T) and a pack of Wombats.
I already have the Pendraken CVR(T) but the Timecast one is in a different league so they're getting replaced. Wombats? The pack is to convert to Argentine RRs deployed on Longdon.
The Cold War Brits are very nice sculpts wearing correct equipment as well as 44 pattern helmets which are accurate for the period. Being my usual anal self I had to alter the helmet to the Airborne pattern with the aid of a little green stuff. You can hardly notice the difference but if I hadn't altered them it would have got me agitated when I looked at them. The photo below shows the very slight modification. I'll get some photos of the rebased Brits up asap.
Oh and here's a line of sight blocker for the Falklands


  1. Dougie I was about to post an order to Pendraken for a battalion. You have made me stop and think.

    Do you think the infantry sculpts are also better then Pendraken?


    1. My view is that they are superior, you can mix them albeit the Timecast range are very slightly bigger. Nothing wrong with the Pendraken ones, I have loads but I prefer Timecast, the vehicles are much better in my opinion as well.

  2. Thanks. I will have a look at them at salute.