Friday 28 August 2020

20mm Argentine Recoilless Rifle Part 2

 Made some progress, the 4 man crew painted.

The gun finished. I've based it on plasticard to mirror the thickness of the crew bases.
I want the base to have plenty of ammunition, a feature of a lot of the photos from the war, first off was the shell boxes, scratch made from balsa.
The ammunition comes in boxes of 2 rounds, each shell is also in a packing tube, so in the pic below you can see some live rounds, sealed packing tubes, opened packing tubes and spent shell cases, all made from plastic tube and rod.
I settled on a 70mm diameter base with a low Sanger type wall built up above ground, a common feature of the war due to the high water table of the terrain. made from Woodland Scenics talus and blended in with the ever useful Sculptamold.
Next will be sorting the base and finishing the ammunition. Dougie

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  1. Nice scratch work! Looking forward to finished result.