Tuesday 25 August 2020

20mm SADF Milan Team

 Some support for my 20mm SADF, a Milan team. I've used the nice castings from the Elhiem BAOR range with Liberation Miniatures head swops. A bergan and some additional scratch built tubes have been added to clutter the base a bit.



  1. Awesome work. Certainly wouldn't want to be rolling around in a T-55 with those guys around. Which reminds me, gotta get around to painting those T-55s I have.

  2. Alan you basically do the surgery, so cut the heads off, and I always pin them, pin vice with appropriate drill bit and soft wire works fine. I use gel superglue to attach. If there's gaps at the join greenstuff sorts it out. I've found that if you just superglue them on they do tend to snap off. Hope this helps