Thursday 19 November 2020

20mm Argentine Oerlikon Twin 35mm AAA Part 1

Encountered by 2PARA at Goose Green the Oerlikon twin 35mm AAA posed a serious threat to ground troops as well as air assets. Rolf Hedges at Liberation mentioned that a 3D print of the gun was available at Butler's Printed Models, here's the link Oerlikon Twin 35mm
Here's a couple of photos of the weapon deployed in the Falklands

I've never tried a 3D printed model it was relatively cheap and it has the look although I'm not sure about the print lines, I know this is unavoidable so I'm going to see how it progresses. I'll be adding a little detailing, a crew and basing in in a similar fashion to the top photo with turf camo. The picture below is the BPM model as supplied. Dougie


  1. Alan all the photos I’ve seen it’s not there so I’m cutting it off, I’m intending to cam it heavily with turf, a bit concerned about the print lines but we’ll see how it comes together.

  2. Not sure about those print lines

  3. It looks like a pretty nice model to me - when you say it was "relatively cheap" what do you mean? Liberation are always good value but interested to know what this cost?

    1. Less than a tenner, good for the price it’s just me getting a bit anal with details lol