Friday 27 November 2020

AAR "Downtown Basra Iraq 2006"

 This is a small scenario which myself and my eldest played recently using out current favourite ruleset "Fireteam Modern".

A 2 man covert British SF vehicle has been "dicked" and compromised by Iraqi insurgents at a crossroads in downtown Basra. Luckily a British regular section of 2 fireteams is near and assists.

Here's a shot of the very small table.

Some views around the table before showtime, the red covert vehicle the SF guys were in has caught fire

The game started with the SF out of the car and on activation the insurgents deploying to numbered points on the table.

Insurgents deploying

The British regulars managed to get a Fireteam on a rooftop to overwatch and the second Fireteam close assaulted a rapidly deployed insurgent group killing 2 and taking 2 prisoners, the SF pair engaged the closing insurgents causing casualties and numerous suppression points. Extracting off table with the 2 fireteams one of the SF guys was seriously wounded. The Insurgents had a group fall back off table due to a morale test and sustained 3 dead and 3 seriously wounded as well as loosing the 2 prisoners so a British victory by any measure.

As usual the rules performed brilliantly and I can't recommend them enough.


  1. Very nice indeed I have shared your post here

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  2. Looks superb - great work.
    Really must try these rules.

  3. Great looking little scenario and table Doug.