Tuesday 1 December 2020

20mm Argentine Oerlikon Twin 35mm AAA Part 2

 I've been pondering this model for a while and after initially thinking about putting lots of extra details on I've eventually decided to do only the essential barrel replacement and leave it at that. so here's the beast dry fitted on a base.

I'm still not sure about the model the print lines look awful but I'm going to see what its like with paint on, here's hoping!

I've knocked up some ammo and a five man crew from Liberation, the seated gunner was for a .50cal so I had to alter his legs a wee bit and one of the standing gunners needed his jacket converted to a parka and helmet cover added.

Be throwing some paint at it next!

On a side issue I also cleaned up a couple of the new Argentine Radio operators from Liberation, I'll be painting these at the same time.


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